Striking Saw

Here is one of my latest inventions, click on the images below for a closer look.


I call it a striking saw. It is a very thin, 32 tpi flush cut saw. A touch past flush cut actually.   It is also very well balanced!

It is kind of a cross between a stair saw and a backsaw. But it’s purpose is to strike lines. Strong, consistent, deep, clean lines.

It has a point on the end, to facilitate striking into a corner.

It makes amazingly crisp lines and it can flex up next to a straight edge.

With a fine 32 tpi it is a rather slow saw, but it can be used for detail cutting. It is nice to be able to make a precision initial cut with such ease. The fine tpi does make for smooth even scoring of wood.  Not as smooth as the Razorsaw 650 that followed it and cut the rest of the way, but by normal sawing standards amazingly smooth.

The line it leaves is very fine, finer than the pencil marks on the board beneath it. Yet the crisp cut lines are nicely visible even in dark wood cut with the grain.

In these pictures I am using the rather striking saw, to strike lines in mesquite to remake the cheap bevel gauge that is being used in these pictures. In a way, the new bevel gauge is making itself!


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