I made an ‘amplifier’ for my iphone.

CedarAmp in the Mist

OK, I made several.

CedarAmp Stack

The idea here is to reflect sound to the user.  My first attempt destroyed stereo separation but proved that easy listening with a sound guide on the iphone can make for easier listening.   This amp does not have a knob that goes to 11, but it does a good job of improving the amount of sound you hear.

The second one I made had stereo separation, and worked really well, proving a good sound environment was still possible.   It reflected the sounds too well in a way, it hurt your ears after a while even though the sound was not what a cranked up speaker could produce.   So I worked with the acoustics a bit and found that the angle of reflection and a less hard finish could allow the same volume without the impact on your ear drums.

Every year I try to do a power tool involved project just so I remember why I prefer hand tools.  This time I used my most hated of all tools.  The electric router.

CedarAmp Row

I really hate electric routers screaming tailed wood manglers obliterate peace, throw dust and introduce danger to the workplace.


CedarAmp Choir


CedarAmp Close
CedarAmp Triumphant!
Here are the tools I made for the project.   3 modified drill bits to bore conic holes, and two sanding fids.
Tools Made for the Project

This sanding fid has a slit in it that I can slide sand paper into.
Sanding Fid with Sand Paper
Sanding Fid Close


Then I can wrap the sand paper around the cone and sand a conic hole.
Sanding Fid Wrapped


5 comments to CedarAmp

  • Skip J.

    Hi Bob;

    Interesting looking project… I like it! Love the sanding fid….. sometimes you just gotta use some sandpaper….

    So which router do you have???? I almost never get mine outta the box……


  • Bob Strawn

    I have a plunge router from HF. I try to use it every couple of years in order to remind me of why I don’t pull it out very often. 🙂


  • Very clever! Have you considered selling your extras? 😉 Would be a neat gift for someone.

  • Bob Strawn

    On your advice, I will try selling a few. I will make a few extras and sell them for $15 each. Let me know if you want the first.


  • I found you via the home made tools website, those sanding cones look really good, I think I’m going to have to make one of those. I’ve a small “log” of maple cut from a Japanese maple tree which would be about the right size. I don’t know much about letting it dry though.

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