Conserving Artifacts

I love old tools. A lot of these old guys have survived a total change in the world and are still useful. One of the important questions, is how to preserve, restore and protect these wonderful links to our past. My approach is to get data from the extreme ends of the spectrum. One fairly […]

Spam Comments

It is currently just an irritation, not really the end of the world or anything but I am getting quite a few fake comments on this blog. The majority are trying to sell drugs. Some are trying to sell online gambling, and others are selling insurance.

Really, I don’t think it would be smart to […]

Two Layer Milk Paint

Here is a method for producing a durable, weather resistant, and lovely milk paint. The secret is PH. Anionic and Cationic layers will cross link and draw to each other. Since wood is acid, first you start with the base coating. Alkali will tend to draw in and bond to acid. Then when the alkali […]

The Vagabond's Tool Box

Here is my current travel tool box;

I love the thing, Woodworking ONLINE even did a write up on it. Sadly it does not do quite what I want it to do.

It holds, protects and organizes tools. It is easy enough to carry and open, and it is rugged. Here is my son, […]

Starting Out Strange

I took a couple of things said by a few folk out of context, and realized that one of the reasons I like hand tools is that they will still be functional after teotwawki.

The teotwawaki issue is not just for extremes. Sometimes you are away from power. After a bad storm you may need […]