Pecan Wood Marking Gauge

This tool was predominately inspired by two threads, This one by jgourlay and this one about bling.

The challenge that I set to myself after the thread on bling, was to try to make a tool, that was lovely and compelling, that was composed of one wood only, no ornamentation without function, and […]

Adjustable T Sliding Bevel Square Angle Gage

I say tomato. This tool has way too many names.

Anyway my favorite is the Veritas Sliding Bevel

But since they don’t sell the parts or make the kit, until I figure out the mechanics, I have been using one I made from the WoodSmith Kit . I like it a lot, but the […]

Old formulas are not always the best.

I love to mix my own paint from scratch. Especially from old traditional recipes. It is interesting what you can come up with.

Here is a link to the project Gutenberg publication of The Ordnance Instructions for the United States Navy. This is the 1866 fourth edition.

In it are recipes for all sorts […]

A Chamfer Plane

Way back in June of 07, while I was recovering from a bought of failed tool designs, Derek Cohen posted a few pictures of a chamfer plane he had made. I needed one just like it, so I threw one together.

It is not as quick and easy to make as a Krenov, […]

I needed some Calipers

So I made some!

The points meet on all but the one for my tool box. The tool box one passes so I can measure inside as well as outside. The points meeting is perhaps faster to read on a scale, but if you are going by touch, then there is not real […]