A Magnifying Glass

I find a magnifying glass can on occasion really help me know what I am doing.

I found a really cheap magnifying glass, that had a deep field of view, focused well, and could be moved to a decent base. The original base was too ugly to use. I think that is why it was inexpensive.

This is a very important part of my sharpening tools now.

Here is a gouge made from a punch that was left over from a set used to make draw bars.

This gouge is easy to sharpen because it does not have a channel cut inside of it. The disadvantage is that it only works well when you cut with the grain. One small problem with the metal from the punch is that it seems to hold onto a feather with great tenacity.

With the magnifying glass, I can see that feather, and make sure I strop it off, before I snap it off trying to use it.



When you have eliminated all unnecessary wood, then whatever remains, however well formed, is too small to serve as originally intended.

1 comment to A Magnifying Glass

  • Skip J.

    You mean I need a cheap magnifying glass too??? Oh well…. And, that’s a pretty nice looking Texas ash lapping plate and diamond syringe holder…..

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