Toolmaking Resources IX; Paul Womack, BugBear

BugBear is a great source for bowsaw information and plans. He provides wonderful plans and has shared a great deal of quality, detailed information. Do not miss his details on scratch stocks. He is seriously tempting me to make another. He has led an amazing number of folks to the light of hand tool making. […]

Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alice Frampton, Cornish Workshop

Do not believe for a moment that quality wood working or the love of fine tools is purely the domain of men. One visit to The Cornish Workshop should be enough to forever shatter that delusion.

Alf, Alice Frampton, has been generously sharing her knowledge and skills for quite a while. She has been a […]

A Cat Food Freeloading Racoon

This little guy is on a tall 4×4 post on my porch.

Cute little guy.



Toolmaking Resources VII; Joel Moskowitz, Tools For Working Wood

Besides being a wonderful online woodworking store, with great service, has quite a few top notch articles. Joel Moskowitz has created some of the most valuable content out there. His pages on sharpening are a must read.


Fast Easy Mortise Making!

I am putting together an outdoor sink. I decided to practice my mortise making.

Here is what I want to make;

To quickly make mortises first I drilled a big hole in the center and four smaller holes at the corners. This is easy to do with a brace.

Then I cut into […]