A Review of Schtoo's Adjustable Square

I got this from Schtoo in Japan I figured since I have made a few adjustable squares, I could do a review of one.

First a quick look:

Cute adjustment tool. Nice look. Love the little x’s.

The inside is as trim and nice. Lots of opportunity for small errors here, I know, I have made a lot of those errors. Don’t see anything to complain about here.

From the side, it seems pretty nice.

Here is the line test:

Too close to tell, so I pulled out the 1-2-3 Block for a more precise check. Bloody perfect it was. Much better than the picture of my testing it.

Disappointing really, I wanted to use the cute little adjustment tool.

I did it anyway. I could not resist, I loosened one screw. then tightened the other. I checked it. Slightly off.

I am a bad bad boy. I loosened both screws, put it on the 1-2-3 block, and tightened the screws again. No problem, it held position. I stressed it a bit. Put it back on the 1-2-3 block, all was good and tight and totally square.

So the thing is adjustable, kept stable while being sent from Japan to Texas, and looks great. I will see if it stays stable when the humidity goes below 10 percent and the temperature goes over 100 later in the year, that is the real test, till then, I may just start using this square.


3 comments to A Review of Schtoo's Adjustable Square

  • Skip J.

    Well – there’s no better recommendation than that….. Considering the location, would you say the adjustable square is more of a western design – or a Japanese tool type design???? Do you think Schtoo could figure out how to mass produce these (if he wanted to market them) – or is it strictly a handmade item?

  • I wonder really about style. The basic Japanese tools are often quite minimalist. Very little that can be removed without reducing function. In a very real way they have taken western materials and designs over a very long time, and examined and taken what made their job easier.

    Yes I think that Stu’s design could be mass produced, but, I kind of like having one made by Stu. He is also an artist, making tools in metal and wood.


  • Skip J.

    Well – I didn’t know if the Japanese use a square of the same type – and especially whether they used adjustable squares at all. Seeing Stu’s stuff, it seems more western than Japanese; but you know he buys and uses Japanese tools.

    Yes – absolutely – that one is a personal work of art. But just wondering if that type of mechanism could be marketed at an affordable price – but not a cheap price. Very similar to your design I noticed…


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