Using a Japanese Socket Awl

The Japanese Socket Awl is one of my favorites!  It is great for making starter holes for drilling and lines for accurate measurement and work.   Here is how I use it.

First I find out where I want a mark.  In this case I want a line lined up to match another board so I can drill matching holes.
Awl Stuck into wood
So I lined up the board, and pushed the awl in right where the center of the original board’s hole is.

Then I lay the board down flat, the awl stays in place!Board with awl

Then I bring my square right up to the awl.  Normally I would have a hand on the awl, so I don’t accidentally knock it out with the square but I was using the camera with my spare hand.Awl and Square

Now the awl is almost competely hidden by my hand as I draw it back and make a nice scratch for lining up holes for drilling.
Making a mark

I also pushed holes at two inches and six inches, using this awl so I could then easily start my drill with great accuracy.
Drilling on marks

This gives me fast and fairly precise holes.  If I wanted better precision, then I would use a finer rule than the one on the bright orange combination square.

There, I am all done and quickly.

finished holes


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