A Tofu Press

Here is a cedar tofu press.  And a cedar flute.

Flutes get soaked in spit, tofu presses get soaked under water.  For either, a stable wood is ideal.  A wood that is not toxic is nice.   A wood that can resist rot and mildew is a real bonus.  Cedar does the job.

Here it is all put together.

The two cross beams at the bottom hold in by dovetails, the slats are loose.  To the left are a pair of small boards to go on top.  The sides are all held together with dovetails.  The dovetails are fairly snug fits, so that they can hold together and still be taken apart for cleaning.

Bottom View

A tofu press is cheap  to make, and is really good practice for dovetails.


4 comments to A Tofu Press

  • Skip J.

    Hello Bob;

    More uses for cedar I see, who would have thought it… I may not have enough cedar on hand after all.


  • Bob, you are a Renaissance man! I’m always amazed at your range if interests and abilities. I guess I came in on the conversation late, but I’m guessing that you make your own tofu. I didn’t know that one could make tofu. I thought it only came from the grocery. 🙂 Great.

  • You are too kind, Keith!

    My lovely and brilliant wife is the tofu maker. When she decides to make a recipe, her research is fairly exhaustive. She cooks Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Indian, South American, and more, all from scratch.


  • Annie


    I am thinking of making one of this,so I finally found your website. This tofu press looks great. Just one question where to buy “non-toxic” wood. Can you tell where I can get this? So I can make one of my own.


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