Koko's Pushcart

Check out the pushcart my buddy Schtoo made for his daughter’s birthday!

Schtoo is a great woodworker, solid and inovative at once, with a great respect for functionality.  He made the simplest toy for his daughter.  Hardly what you would first think of for a toy but it is perfection itself.  Looking at his daughter’s joy using it, tells the whole story.  It has simple clean lines and a delightful balance.

Kudos Stu!


2 comments to Koko's Pushcart

  • Skip J.

    Oh yes, Stu has certainly outdone himself this time… thanks for the link Bob! If there ever comes a day when I have time to keep up with another blog, Stu’s will be it…


  • Stu

    Skip, if I ever have time to keep up with any blog, mine will be it. 🙂

    Bob, thanks for the comments on Koko’s pushcart, although it’s not so hot in the flesh.

    The dovetails are not tight, the groove for the bottom is not right and the thing really is nailed together (and some screws). Not really pretty, but strong enough and stable enough for Koko to push around and enjoy.

    (Ok, the dt’s look fine, but they aren’t exactly pretty. The mark of a moderately experienced but lowly skilled woodworker is being able to camouflage the flaws. DAMHIKT…)

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