Tool Rack for Chisels

I recently acquired a new set of chisels and gouges and I needed to make a home for them.

Chisel Rack

This tool rack is a fairly simple composition.  It will hold 40 chisels,  so I have a little bit of room to grow.

Chisel Rack

I can see all the blades and I can remove the blade easily.  A pair of hooks will hold the rack on a wall or in a case.

Or the rack can stand on it’s own.  The rack can even be laid flat if it is on an unstable surface, and the tools can still be accessed easily.

Chisel Rack

There is a lot of room between each of the tools, so they can be grabbed easily.

With the tools shown here and a few planes thrown in, I am ready to go to work.

As an extra note, the ball is a very important tool.  I use it as a mallet, when tapping my chisels into wood.

Chisel Rack


3 comments to Tool Rack for Chisels

  • Tony Brown

    Beautiful Design! Very simplistic, artful, and effective. I was searching for a good way to have a movable chisel rack to move with my mobile carving station and this concept would work beautifully. Very imaginative work!



  • A well thought out design which is somewhat of a departure from traditional designs. (I recently turned a ball mallet; it’s interesting to see that you use one too.)
    Good work

  • Bob Strawn

    Thank you Frank,

    The ball mallet is surprisingly accurate and comfortable. Between wailing out with a heavy mallet and pushing a chisel for smooth finer work, a ball mallet often fits the bill.

    Looking at examples of your art,, I am delighted by the depth of feeling and layered emotions that is present in the faces on some of your most ‘primitive’ work. I really enjoyed looking through your gallery!


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