Repairing a Japanese Saw

In a previous post reviewing the Grizzly Japanese Chisels, I mentioned the repair of a Japanese Saw that had it’s handle broken.

Broken Saw handle with Replacement being made.

On the left is the new handle mortise being made.  On the right is the broken handle.  Note that the mortise on the new handle is smaller, in width and length.  This way, when it is deep enough, I can shave off the sides and make the mortise fit perfectly.

Since the chisel I started the job with broke, I made an improvised chisel to finish the job.

Rig Job Chisel

Finished Rig Job Chisel

I made the handle from a Shaker Peg. The flared end made it a great chisel for pushing with the palm. I may modify this a touch and make several more like it. I really like the feel of this for a handle.

Speaking of handles, the saw handle turned out quite nice.

Saw Handle

Ash is strong, lasting and pretty.

Full Saw


Now I have a unique handmade version of a Japanese replaceable blade saw.


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