My Brilliant Wife's Invention!

Here is my brilliant wife’s latest invention!

She has posted it for sale, on Etsy!

Her invention is called the SkeinSnake!  It zips up around a skein of yarn.  This way, the skein can be washed without all the tangling.  People who want to preshrink fibers, remove the odd chemicals,  and relax the wave from recycled yarn, can use this to easily and cleanly do it.  It also can be used to keep a good wrinkle in a broomstick skirt!

Here is a nice skein of yarn ready to wash.

We are going to go ahead and roll it into a figure eight to make it a bit smaller and easier to manage!


And we will start putting it into the skein snake.    It all starts with closing the zipper around the skein!

Then the skein gets zipped into the skeinsnake!

A rather handy tool for knitters, especially those who want precision fits and to be able to take garments apart and reuse the yarn.

It covers itself at the end.  This allows different sizes of skeins to be washed.

When the skein shrinks a bit inside, there is no problem with the skeinsnake!

Closes with a snap!

Here it is flipped over.  A neat package, easy to wash.

I think she came up with a fairly clever tool here.  Unique and useful.


2 comments to My Brilliant Wife's Invention!

  • Bill Satko

    I know little about knitting or processing wool, but I can still see that this is a very clever idea.

  • Skip J.

    Hello Bob;

    Very Cool!!!!!!

    Tell Gari we said hello!

    Best of luck to her on the sales…..


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