In Memory

This is a flower that my recently departed father hybridized.

It is the Lousiana Iris, Ruffled Honey.



This is water hawthorn. The scent is better than vanilla. An amazing plant that likes cold weather. It will bloom through the ice.


Tasty and Pretty

Begonias, sour and tasty, if you find the right variety.

Also in the picture is oregano, Mexican mint marigolds, tomato, willow and French marigolds.

Cilantro flowers are also quite a delight;

Celery Flowers;

Marigolds can repel bugs and are tasty!

Even lettuce can be pretty when it goes to seed.


Poisonous Plants

Nature has made me a hypocrite. And I am a better person for it. We often take stands that on the surface seem right, but with understanding, are fairly weak.

My ideal was to have no toxic plants in my yard and garden. Ignore the fact that that would mean eliminating and fighting a huge […]

Remember the Elephant Garlic!

Big, tasty, and quite pretty to grow!

Butterflies like it to!

Such an amazing flower bundle!

Tall and graceful!

Even the fig tree likes them: