Wayne Anderson, a Toolmaking Artist!

It would be remiss of me, on a blog titled Toolmaking Art to not get around to mentioning Wayne Anderson.

He is an artist, engineer and crafstman of the highest order.  The graceful lines on ultra functional tools speak for themselves.  They call one to use them.  Don’t take my word for it, visit his website and look around.

He does not use the fancy adjusters that many use on their planes.  Having used both I agree with him entirely, it is far more precise to use the classic method of adjusting a plane, the mallet.  The thought of striking a tool that came from Wayne with a mallet will perhaps seem unimaginable after you have seen his tools.

To have expressed such artistry while maintaining the highest standards of tool making, is an amazing thing.


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  • Skip J.

    Thanks Bob;

    I followed that link on Wayne’s website to the article by CS in Pop Woodworking.

    As usual, CS does an excellent job in the article of explaining Wayne’s custom plane program. And he provides feedback as a user himself with some good pictures.

    Thanks again!


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