Scrapers, a must have in the tool box.

If you are starting out woodworking, or using hand tools, here is the simplest of tools, and one of the best.  This cut off section of a ruler is a great scraper.

This scraper  does magic on wood surfaces.

This is what a scraper does,

Scrapers can remove the finest shavings, and leave a polished surface behind.

Scrapers can also remove gunk.  This is waxed wood, being scraped  clean.  Do this with sandpaper, and you will work twice as hard, and waste a bunch of sandpaper quick.  A scraper is faster, cleaner, cheaper, and more convenient.  It also leaves a better finish.

Look below  at the hanging shaving.  The clumps of shavings in the pile are soft bunched up shavings just like this.   A well turned scraper is magic.

A nice set of scrapers  can be bought for a reasonable price.  This was a very reasonable price, but they are still one of the best deals out there.

Scrapers are easy to use,

And one pass with a scraper will remove and clean up more material than sandpaper will.

Scrapers can also do stuff that other tools can’t.  The only real downside is the speed of material removal.   It is still faster than sandpaper, but a  plane will is much faster.  There is another downside, but it is not a big one.  You also have to learn how to tune them.


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