Outdoor Cedar Workbench

I have a fun idea!  I want an outdoor workbench.   I like to work outside when I can.

So here it is:

The vise is one that clamps onto the bench,  so it can be put up.   Hopefully the rest of the table will take the wear and tear of outdoor  living and do fine.

The table is made of wood and these bolts:


The wood is definitly pretty enough.

Here are all the tools needed:

Tools Needed

I used a few others, but over the course of making the table, decided I liked these tools best for the job.

Starting on the right side, close end first, here is the list of gear.

Open Wrench — to get into the holes so the nut and bolt can be tightened.

Socket Wrench—to tighten the bolts.

Stabby and Stabby Jr, Marking Awls—To make starter holes for drilling precisely and lines for acurate work.  One would do, I like using two of them.

Nut and Bolt with three washers—to hold parts together allowing it to be taken apart or modified later.  A bunch of these were used.

Clamp, pair—to hold parts together and in place while drilling and lining up.

40″ Stainless Steel Rule—measureing.

Brace—For serious drilling,  Power tools are inferior or even dangerous when force is needed.

Royoba Saw, Razorsaw 650—Cutting wood.

Long Drill Bit—For drilling channels for the bolts to fit in.

Set of Forstner Drill Bits—To make square bottomed holes, and nice neat holes, these are just the thing,

Continuing on the left side, ignoring tools that are on both sides:

Scraper—It looks like a rule, but I use it as a scraper.

Vise—Ok, I didn’t use it for this project.  But it is nice to have handy.

Big Orange Speed Square—One of the best and cheapest must have tools out there.

Ryobi Lithium 18V One Plus Power Screwdriver—Sweet drill, could have done it all with a brace, this made it faster.

This article is continued  here.


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