A saw made with an Osage handle

Simple project, a nice little dovetail saw.

The long handle helps me to make straight cuts.

Pretty simple project here, two holes for screws, a slit for the saw.  Does a nice job too!

The blade I used is sold by Lee Valley Tools.  Item number 60T0621

It is a Japanese Kugihiki.  A small flush cutting saw that cuts a very smooth line.  It is reasonably stiff, yet it can bend so that you can cut the end of a dowel flush with a surface.

Popular Woodworking highly recommended it as a flush cut and dovetail saw as did several other sources who had used it.  Some fairly raved about how good a saw it was.   I bought a pair of the replacement blades.

After having used the saw, I think I will have to buy a few more replacement blades for it, I love this saw!

2 comments to A saw made with an Osage handle

  • LarryG

    Where’s you get the blade?

  • I updated the article to give the source, Larry. It is from Lee Valley tools, item number 60T0621.

    I have bought quite a few Japanese replacement blades to make saws with. Makes for a very high quality home made saw.


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