Froe Mallet

Here is a photo of the Froe Mallet I made.

Even though I had not used one on a froe, the motive for the design is obvious. A rough surface will absorb some of the womp, so you want a smooth hard wood surface. But you are going to be pounding on a 1/4″ blade back. This is going to ruin your mallet face quickly. So the mallet is nice and big with a lot of surface area. This way I can pound it a bunch of times before putting it back on the lathe to clean the face.

The carpenters pencils are freshly sharpened to show how freaking big it is. The pencil shavings are there because it is of course not real without shavings.

After having use it on a froe, it is fairly well mangled, but not to mangled to use on a chisel.


2 comments to Froe Mallet

  • I had an idea to try to make my own froe blades.
    If anyone out there has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

  • mike johnson

    I made my froe out of an old lawn mower blade. its only 9 inches long, but it works great for splitting kindling for fire starter. for a handle, i used a piece of 1 1/4 inch electrical conduit and welded it to the blade.

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