Koko's Pushcart

Check out the pushcart my buddy Schtoo made for his daughter’s birthday!

Schtoo is a great woodworker, solid and inovative at once, with a great respect for functionality. He made the simplest toy for his daughter. Hardly what you would first think of for a toy but it is perfection itself. Looking at his daughter’s […]

A Tofu Press

Here is a cedar tofu press. And a cedar flute.

Flutes get soaked in spit, tofu presses get soaked under water. For either, a stable wood is ideal. A wood that is not toxic is nice. A wood that can resist rot and mildew is a real bonus. Cedar does the job.

Here it […]

A Rather Odd Planter/Seat

As I survey the mess I call home, it becomes clear that as important as a tool is, a place to put it is every bit as important. Even when a tool is being used, it needs a place. So I have started to put small racks and shelves all over my yard to allow […]

Inexpensive Planter

My preference is for a planter with a seat around it. The seat is a comfortable spot in the garden and you can sit while taking care of or harvesting from the garden. There are places where this will not work as well however, and a seat does take up a lot of room.


A Fine Example of Gouge Use

A carver calls it a chisel, the rest of us call it a gouge. I guess the carver uses it more, but then we all know what a gouge is.

Over on WoodTreks, Brad Ramsay is being shown using a gouge to carve with. He of course calls it a chisel.

Keith Cruickshank once again […]